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SANTORO GROUP has set up internal systems for the integrated management of the sector in which it operates and in particular ecological and environmental protection. It can operate in a wide spectrum, both technical and commercial, with its expertise and organization resulting from its long work experience and its staff of experienced professionals and skilled and trained workers.

Our organization allows us to operate with maximum speed and expertise at competitive costs, a quality increasingly requested from customers, to satisfy customers in industrial, civil, public and private sectors.



A.O.C. S.r.l.

Covering the whole cycle of management of  waste produced by ships and the different private and public users, through its port waste reception facility. GIUSEPPE SANTORO S.r.l. Advanced software for detection, dredging and excavation activities. Maritime construction, Maritime services.
    A.O.C. S.r.l.Management of the entire cycle of treatment and recovery of  liquid waste produced by ships and from various private and public users
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