Giuseppe Santoro
Giuseppe Santoro

GIUSEPPE SANTORO is an agile and dynamic company, able to offer its customers various services, including counseling, assistance, training and information, in addition to its selection, sorting and storage of non hazardous and similar waste facility authorized by the Province of Genoa (see list of authorized types and codes), also manages the storage and handling of special hazardous and non hazardous waste in connection with the AOC (Antipollution Operating Center Srl) company  , which has an annual capacity of storage and treatment up to 28,800 m3 (see list of authorized types and codes).

It also has an emergency task force, able to operate on land and on sea for safety interventions and reclamation, disposal and environmental remediation.

The company operates according to specific environmental management procedures that ensure and guarantee the effectiveness of its work and its responsiveness to the specific industry regulations, and is certified to  IAS Register Sagl ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004.

The company and is also present in the Consortium Ecolmar Castalia SpA (a Consortium which has an agreement with the Ministry of the Environment for the protection of the Sea) in which several leading companies in the country operate.

In January 2013 Costruzioni Marittime Srl was incorporated, a company working in the field of marine and hydraulic construction projects in the maritime area of Genoa.

A company with a vast fleet consisting of vessels, tugs and motor vehicles, barges and barges equipped with cranes and excavators, Costruzioni Marittime Srl makes use of instant GPS controlled placement and operation of equipment and related advanced software.